Seneca International Banner

Seneca International Banner

Seneca is a different kind of school with a different kind of graduate. As one of Canada’s largest comprehensive colleges, serving 100,000 students and registrants, Seneca is a leader in full-time studies, continuing education and online learning. In the past 10 years, Seneca College has opened up more and more opportunities for international students throughout the world. There were averagely more than 5000 international students joined in Seneca each year.

However, to design this Seneca International Banner, the main goal was to present the diversity and high quality education of Seneca College, and to attract international students. The biggest challenge of this project was to think out side of box to make this banner look creative and appealing, but also keep Seneca's prestigious brand identity. Therefore, I created the banner in a collage style so that the banner contains the images of Toronto city view, Seneca campus view, students celebration, and Seneca's most identical programs. Kept it informational but also fun and approaching.

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